The 20th Nordic Particle Physics Meeting
Spåtind, Norway, 3 - 7 January 2008

Spåtind Høyfjellshotell

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The traditional biennial Nordic Meeting in Particle Physics, 20th in the series, will again be arranged in Spåtind (Synnseter). The duration of the meeting is 3-7 January 2008, with travel days January 2 and 8.

Invited speakers include:
Richard Brenner (Uppsala) SLHC physics
Oliver Buchmüller (CERN) Search for new physics at LHC
Anne Green (Nottingham) Dark matter
Rolf Heuer (DESY; future DG of CERN) The High Energy Frontier
Keijo Kajantie (Helsinki) Gauge-string dualities and QCD
Valery Khoze (Durham) Forward physics at LHC
Mark Kruse (Duke University) Overview of Physics from the Tevatron and prospects for the Future
Jan Rak (Jyväskylä) Heavy ion collisions
Francesco Sannino (Odense) Technicolor

Instructions for participants

Travel information

On 2 January 2008 there will be bus transportation from the Oslo airport (Gardemoen) to Spåtind. In order to catch the conference buses, you should choose a flight which arrives to Oslo airport at latest at 14.00. Estimated duration of the bus drive is a little less than three hours.

Bus transportation from the hotel to the airport will take place on Tuesday 8 January 2008. When booking the return flight, you can count on that the bus will be at the airport at 12.00. There is no fee for the bus transportation.

If you experience problems on the afternoon of Wednesday 2 January at Oslo airport, you can make a call to the mobile phone of Kari Rummukainen., +358-40-5810707. (He comes from Helsinki with a flight that is scheduled to arrive at 12.40.) Later on, you should rather call the conference hotel directly: Spåtind Høyfjellshotell, tel. +47-61 11 95 06.

If you are not coming with the conference bus, please notice that there is a 'flybus', that departs once every or every other hour, from Oslo airport to Gjøvik. Gjøvik is located 60 km southeast from Synnseter where the Spåtind hotel is. It may also be possible to get by public transportation to Dokka, which is 35 km south from Synnseter. From Gjøvik (or Dokka) you could try to get a taxi, if you can afford it. A better method is to call the hotel and agree on a private transportation - in one known case the charge was roughly 300 NOK. However, for non-local participants it is strongly advisable to arrange the travel in such a way that one will be able to use the standard conference bus.

Conference fee

The conference fee is NOK 800 (approx. 100 euro), and will be collected upon arrival. Invited speakers and students are exempt from the fee. Please make sure you have sufficient amount of Norwegian currency; we are not able to process credit card payments!


The hotel rooms are booked on the registration form. Participants should pay the accommodation, which includes full board and lodging, directly to the hotel during the conference. Price is NOK 945/night in a single room, NOK 845/night in a shared double room, NOK 1690/night for a double room for two persons. Major credit cards are accepted.

General information

The scientific program will start on Thursday 3 January and end on Tuesday 8 January. Invited speakers will give two or three 55-minute lectures each. For contributed talks there will be slots of 15 and 25 minutes. No proceedings will be published. There will be several hours of free time every afternoon.

The conference venue offers excellent opportunities for cross-country skiing in the mountains. In addition, the hotel operates a middle-sized slope with one lift for downhill skiing. Skiing equipment can be rented at the conference hotel.

Deadline for registration is 15 November 2007. Those that were wishing to give a contributed talk should have filled out the separate form by the same date.

The conference is sponsored by Magnus Ehrnrooth foundation and Waldemar von Frenckell foundation.

Organising Committee
Kari Rummukainen (chair, Oulu), Janne Kuokkanen (secretary, Oulu), Katri Huitu (Helsinki), Veikko Karimäki (Helsinki), Jukka Maalampi (Jyväskylä), Kimmo Tuominen (Jyväskylä), Kenneth Österberg (Helsinki),

Contact information
Tel.: +358 8 553 1883 (K. Rummukainen),
Fax: +358 8 553 1287
Address: The Spåtind Conference 2008, c/o K. Rummukainen
Dept. of Physical Sciences
P.O.Box 3000
FIN-90014 University of Oulu, Finland

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