Solar Activity and its Manifestations in the Whole Heliosphere

Symposium S1 of EWASS 2013

8-9 July 2013, Logomo, Turku, Finland

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The preliminary programme of the symposium has been drafted.

Summary and Goals

The goal of the symposium is to present and discuss new results on solar activity and its manifestations in the entire heliosphere, including geospace and other planetary environments. The new space-borne solar observatories (SDO, Hinode, STEREO) have recently made important new discoveries on the dynamics of the magnetized solar atmosphere and solar wind, and on solar eruptive events that are the main driver of variable conditions in geospace and other planetary environments.

We now also better understand the changes of long-term solar activity, from the low levels of 100 years ago to the all-time maximum in the late 1950s, and to the very weak activity of the recent minimum. Although solar and geomagnetic activity during the ongoing cycle 24 has remained abnormally low, the increasing activity after the long solar quiescence has recovered the attention to space weather.

We solicit presentations covering the entire domain from the solar surface (and below) to the heliopause, covering all time scales of variations from a fraction of a second to millenia. The practical aspects of solar-driven variability in space environments (space weather) and the long-term changes in the solar activity and its effects in the heliosphere (space climate) will be covered as well.


The topics of the symposium are:

  • Solar eruptions: flares, coronal mass ejections and SEP events
  • Variability of the interplanetary medium driven by solar activity
  • Interaction of the variable solar wind with planetary environments
  • Space weather; and
  • Solar effects in the Earth's atmosphere

Invited Speakers

Confirmed invited speakers: Angelos Vourlidas (NRL, Washington DC), Alexis Rouillard (IRAP, Toulouse), Riku Järvinen (FMI, Helsinki), Olga Malandraki (NOA, Athens) and Annika Seppälä (FMI, Helsinki).


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Scientific organisers

    Dr. Rami Vainio, University of Helsinki, chair
    Dr. Emilia Kilpua, University of Helsinki
    Prof. Kalevi Mursula, University of Oulu
    Prof. Eino Valtonen, University of Turku

Contact information

Contact Rami Vainio for additional information on the workshop. Please use this link or make sure that your Subject line reads "Question on S1@EWASS-13".

Image credit: NASA