Lecturer: Christofer Cronström
Assistants: Heikki Arponen and Pekko Piirola

Lectures: tue 12-14 and wed 10-12 at the Laurikainen building big lecture room (basement floor).

Excercise sessions: mon 8-10,12-14,14-16 in FL V (Tallqvist building), mon 10-12 in LB E (Laurikainen building, basement floor).

Course contents:

Classification of second order partial differential equations, separation of variables. Second order ordinary differential equations, solution by series. Examples: Legendre polynomials and functions, spherical harmonics. Recommended for 2nd year theoretical physics students, 3rd for experimental students. Prerequisites: Mathematical Methods of Physics Ia and Ib.


G.B. Arfken and H.J. Weber,Mathematical Methods for Physicists, 4th edition, Academic Press 1995.
H. Cohen, Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers, Prentice Hall 1992.
K. Kurkisuonio, Matemaattiset apuneuvot I ja II.
O. Serimaa, Moniste Fymm II, Limes ry 1992.

The exam will be on Tuesday 16.5. at 12.00-16.00, at the Laurikainen -building big lecture room.

 Problems will be given on tuesday, and they should be returned by friday (the same week!), by 15.00.

If you have any questions, try e-mailing the Lecturer, Professor Christofer Cronström (Christofer.Cronstrom@Helsinki.FI), or the assistants, Heikki Arponen (Heikki.Arponen@Helsinki.FI) and Pekko Piirola (Pekko.Piirola@Helsinki.FI).

Excercise papers: